/ Damm Beer Experience

Immersive VJ installation exploring Damm's history as a beer manufacturer and sponsor of Barcelona Football Team and Sonar electronic music festival. Damm's brewing process has remained unchanged for more than 100 years, and acts as the experience epicentre around which a giant interactive DJ deck with a rotating playhead allows users to play and mix historical clips. User selected video, audio and data clips placed on the multitouch 'deck' are projected on the wall opposite creating a shared immersive canvas.  Spanning a possible 360 degrees, the proposal targets 18-30 groups who enjoy being at the helm of a large format realtime collective performance,both playing, recording and uploading their VDJ 'mix' sessions on social networks. Pitch synched audio samples created by Sonar festival stars and video clips can be personalised  - setting up loops, visual and spatial effects - and repositioned around the room to create reactive clip-to-clip effects. Historical moments can also be pushed round the rotating deck to be picked up by others in an individual or ensemble 'video and music mash-up'.

Role: Installation Concept / Creative & Art Direction / Style Frames.
Agency: Santa Marta
Architect & Project Lead: Olga Subiros