/ Range Rover - Trizz

Another creative collaboration with Toni Costa for Trizz working alongside founder Oriol Puig who was tasked with creating an original gala presentation in Russia for the new Range Rover. We devised an immersive laser experience utilising the car suspended within a giant 2 way mirror box. When lit from within, choreographed lasers illuminate and celebrate the cars form and allow the full size Range Rover to appear suspended magically in mid air. When lit from outside, the box interacts with an architectural exploration of the presentation hall narrated by laser light bouncing around a network of precisely positioned perimetral mirrors. As the focus of the show becomes concentrated around the mirror box and 360 degree seated audience, the internal life of the cube is awoken. The perceived space inverts to reveal the floating car in a dramatic explosion of sound and light.

Style Frames produced @ Trizz Studio using Maxwell Renderer.