Not Impossible_Brainwriter

It was an absolute pleasure to team up with the incredible Not Impossible foundation to create the Brainwriter Installation at the Barbican Centre - A gifted group of people dedicated to disrupting the status quo and truly 'helping through making' by providing open source technological solutions to the masses. The Brainwriter, an extension of Not Impossible’s acclaimed Eyewriter Project for graffiti artist TemptOne, launched at the Barbican “Digital Revolution” exhibition in London last week, combining brainwave sensors (EEG) and eye-tracking technology to enable the paralyzed to create and communicate.

The sprayed mural, conceived In honor of TemptOne with a touch of hacker aesthetic is presented in three sections: A project intro panel with Tempt's portrait turning the idea of 'drips' on its head. A physical showcase exploring the evolution of the Eyewriter to Brainwriter technology (Blink to Think), and finally the 'Robots in the sky' interactive experience allowing a standing and wheelchair user to jointly play a specially commisioned game using just their eyes and brainwaves via a stethoscope EEG connector placed behind the ear. 

Please visit NOTIMPOSSIBLENOW to read more about the Brainwriter technology (and a plethora of other incredible projects) in their own words.Then tell everybody! 

Brainwriter Credits The Brainwriter Build Team: 
Javed Gangjee (concept originator), David Putrino, Daniel Goodwin & Sam Bergen. 
Open BCI EEG expertise and equipment donated by Joel Murphy & Conor Russomanno.

Not Impossible Pit Crew & Creative:
Mick Ebeling, Caskey Ebeling, Elliot Kotek, Paul Freeth, Anke Loh, Solomon Rossi, Nichole Caruso, Hannah Actor-Engel,  Jessica Jacklin, Ryan Shaw & Megan Shields. 
Game created by Kaho Abe and Ramsey Nasser, enabled by Eyebeam.

Paul Freeth: Creative / art direction & design, mural, production.

About The Barbican.
Digital Revolution
is the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK, exploring and celebrating the transformation of the arts through digital technology since the 1970s. The exhibition brings together for the first time a range of artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers pushing the boundaries of their fields using digital media. It also looks to the future considering the impact of creative coding, DIY culture, digital communities and the creative possibilities offered by technologies including augmented reality, artificial intelligence, wearables and 3D printing. 

The exhibition is created and produced by Barbican International Enterprises with guest Curator Conrad Bodman and Assistant Curators Dani Admiss and Sunny Cheung. 
Showing thru September 14th @ the Barbican London then touring museums and galleries Internationally until 2020.